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Friday, September 10, 2010

DIY - Sewing a Felt Sunflower Brooch

Imagine a Blazing trumpet Fanfare, please, and thank you!

Introducing a first from me -
a Pre-cut Sunflower Brooch for others to sew. Maybe, even YOU!

In talking with people who came into our "A Tranquil Nook" stall the days we set up at Bemidji's Natural Choice Farmers Market, I realized that there are a number of people who enjoy handwork and would like to do it; but with so many things happening in their lives, by the time they get a project ready to sew up, there is no time left to sew it. A big portion of my time in creating items is - choosing fabric, buying it, processing it ( I wash wool for accessories 2 to 5 times to get the texture and thickness I desire), then finding or making the pattern, cutting it all out, figuring out how to put it together. There is still more after that - getting together the thread, needles, findings.

To help others cut down on some of that preparation time have spent the last few weeks thinking, planning, preparing a DIY (do it yourself) Sunflower Brooch pattern and a kit. Plus, the real biggie, making a set of videos showing how I actually sew it up.

The pattern and the kits are ready to go, and will be available at our "A Tranquil Nook" stall at Bemidji's Natural Choice Farmers Market on Sep 11, 2010.

Here are the videos, yes, it took me several stops and starts. Have not figured out how to add them all together yet. Though perhaps it is better to leave it in parts so you don't have to watch the whole dang thing to find just one bit of information. (If you have thoughts or preferences regarding that, am open to comment and suggestion.) So without further ado -

Part 1 - Getting Started

Part 2. a. Sewing it together .

Part 2. b. Sewing it together .

Part 3. Attaching the pinback
-- well some glitch here - could not get this one to upload -- it is also on flickr

Part 4. Wear and Enjoy.

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