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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Preparing for Market Dec 18

Last day of Bemidji's Natural Choice Farmers Market 2010 season is Dec 18, 11am to 3pm. The former Burger King Bldg across from Paul & Babe has been an admirable indoor location. Good acoustics for the music and just the right amount of space to fit us all.

Getting ready to bring goods to market is always an adventure. This Friday Frank has been busy in the kitchen. First some traditional Swedish Stollen - made the way his Mom always did for winter holidays
Stollen the Carlstrom way is a sweet yeast bread, packed with candied fruit, topped with a light powdered sugar frosting and slivered Almonds. A new fudge recipe he is trying is also cooling in the background.
Separating eggs - yep, Farm Fresh: green and brown shell eggs from our own hens.

Next up, with a whole new set of bowls and equipment was Gluten-free Angle food Cake. Separate sifters, separate bowls - no pans or utensils that had wheat flour are used in making the Gluten free foods. While there are some great and tasty choices for gluten free baked goods at market, Frank has been listening to the people who are asking for more gluten-free foods and plans to provide more choices in the cake and pie arenas. One of his specialties is Angle food Cake -- this is the first recipe he is converting to a gluten-free offering.
Here it is cooling in the pan. It will come out and be cut into 1/2; 1/4; and slices when he wakes up Sat am. If one of the slices passes the taste test - then the 1/2; 1/4 and 2 slices will be available at market.
Through out the week, Frank has been stranding stone bead necklaces and making more semi-precious stone earrings. Last night he was working on peyote beading.

And what have I been up to - making felt swirls in red and white. Most became ornaments. Some with bells.
Some with buttons:
And three became a statement necklace:
And now the home fires are stoked, the cat has had his middle of the night feeding, I'll post this out and head back to bed for a few hours before the second waking, morning chores and heading out to market. Except for baked goods, car was packed yesterday. So no last minute scurrying about.

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