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Friday, December 3, 2010

Works in Wool art show Opening Reception

Ho Wah! My first solo art show opens tonight. Here is a little preview with an artist statement. For those who would like to join us, the reception is at The Cabin Coffeehouse, 3rd St Bemijdi, MN, USA 5pm to 7pm Friday Dec 3, 2010

For those who would like to come but cannot, I'll be posting photos of the show after the opening. The work is rather primative and tactile, will be interesting to get comments and see responses to it this evening. Thanks so much for reading. J

Works in Wool

Presented at The Cabin Coffeehouse - Back Room
December 2010

Artist: Jane Carlstrom

Artist Statement:
My inspirations include past, present and future - the land, sky and water around me, people, animals and plants - what ever comes into my ken. Things I’ve read, things I’ve seen. Looking at, and feeling fibers and fabrics and vintage patterns. These all roil and boil together ruminating in my mind until an urge to make something specific comes to the fore...... and if energy comes with it a hat or other creation comes into being.

My focused and serious foray into hat making and art began in the late 1990s after retiring from a 33 year career in nursing. The path began with a desire to clean, restore and wear vintage hats. Soon, I began adding my own touches, reshaping and refashioning vintage hats; then onto needle felting hats and sewing original hats. Along with hat making, I create other wearable accessories, clothing; and more recently, home decoration pieces.

My goals are:
1. To create joyful, beautiful, wearable hats & head gear that let a person’s spirit sing. Wearing a hat makes me comfortable and lifts my spirits; I want to share that comfort and joy with others.
2. To develop patterns and kits that allow people of different skill levels to explore handiwork, to take a basic idea and make it their own.

Being mindful of the environment, I mostly work in natural fibers and fabrics and in recycled/upcycled fabrics. For developing patterns and kits I explore use of die cuts mixed with hand cuts. Precut kits allow the user to focus on sewing and embellishing the piece.

Many thanks to Noemi for hosting this show.

Fall Leaves

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