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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Garden Planning

Here at Tranquility Pastures, Frank draws up a garden plot plan about this time every year. First he reviews last years plan.

Tranquility Pastures Garden 2010

We change direction of rows each year and row placement. Plus we check the freezer packed/canned record to see what veggies we have aplenty and figure out how much we hope to put up from this year's garden. From that he determines amount to plant.
As an example here is part of the blank record that will be filled in for 2011 -- Tranquility Pastures Food Storage Log template

This year we are factoring in purchased produce too; such as heirloom potatoes from Chill Creek Ridge, lettuce from Full Moon Farm, celery and basil from Kroeger and Rixen Farm, sweet corn from Molnar Gardens. Our own garden will focus on vegetables we freeze or can, such as beets, peas, tomatoes, carrots.

That is how we plan our garden plot, totally functional for our food needs. And looking to others for specialty items or things they simply do better than we do considering our soil and light conditions.

I love the home grown food, will work the garden, can and/or freeze the fruits and veggies; but admit am not much of an outdoor or kitchen person, prefer to be inside working with fabric and fiber. Now making the hat to shade my face and neck while grubbing in the dirt, or the apron to wear when canning, that is where my passion lies. :D

What is your story? Do you put up your own food? Grow or buy produce? How do you plan your garden, if you garden? Tips, tricks, thoughts to share?


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