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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Organizing and Cleaning

In the Studio, things have changed...... FOR the Better! Hurray Hurah!
Yay, just had my most successful "organize and spring clean" of a room ever. Yep, just one room, the main studio workroom. But my oh my it feels good to have it pretty, shiny, and functional.
In the past, I've always stopped/given up before getting the last bits accomplished. AND - am so proud, did not do the shuffle - you know just dump stuff from the room being cleaned into another room :D. I channeled the owners of Let's Clean House: Jenn for organizing and Tammy for cleaning; so glad I did! Thanks to both for coaching and working with me to get myself to this level.It feels so good. (*disclaimer, they did not ask me to post this.) I started out hiring them to come out and help me downsize, arrange and clean. They were so great and the main house is so much nicer, mainly because it is more functional. It is easier to clean and put things away. Now have their twice a month house cleaning service, so that at least 2x a month the entire house shines. While I've gotten better, am still not Tammy fast and cannot seem to get all rooms polished in one day.
Anyway, have learned enough to tackle the studio on my own. It is slower, still, am feeling so good about being able to do it, and do it well on my own.
In parting my cheer is: whether you want skills, concepts, encouragement to do it yourself; or if you need physical help to get it done faster, Let's Clean House, is an excellent choice. One I'm so glad I made.

Thanks Ladies!


  1. We are so excited for you Jane! Love the fact that you could tackle the studio without us! You rock!!!

  2. Very, very nice... (I'm jealous, actually - wow!)

    Enjoying the new blog, Jane - very nice layout, and interesting posts. Keep up the good work!!