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Monday, January 24, 2011

Valentine Theme Apron using Vintage Pattern

Red & Gold scroll heart shapes cotton print pair with gold tone silk dupioni to create this vintage inspired frilly Valentine theme apron. This was my first time using this pattern so maintained the sizing and not many changes to the original details of Simplicity 4479
However, the waist tie was kept small and the shoulder straps were cut in 1 piece instead of two. Always needing to add an original touch, met that need by creating a hair bow to compliment the apron.
Apron front view:

Apron Back View:
Well this is a very slim dressform, and still the back does not close nearly as tightly as the pattern shows Whoo Whee - this one size fits all pattern, really only fits a slim person. Waist 24 to 28 inches. Well gosh, I have not seen that size in 40 years. So it will take some revisions to make this style fit a wider range of body sizes. :D

Still, it is cute and will look lovely on a slim frame. I think it will be worthwhile to revise, alter and update this pattern. The frills are enchanting. It was fun to make the ruffle, even though time consuming. My ideas are: to lengthen the bib to come higher on a fuller bust; to increase the width of the center panel just a tad; to make neck straps that tie/or a halter strap, rather than shoulder straps; keep the waist tie narrow.

For those of you who, like me, revel in details, here are some specifics.

To make the ruffle, torn crossgrain strips of silk dupioni, tiny hemstitched on one edge, basting stitch (5.0) on the other edge.
Because the full length to be ruffled and sewn onto the apron center and sides was so long, the center was done in two pieces. Gathered to half length of ouside circumference of center piece then pined and sewn in place like so:
leaving about 3 inches open at start and finish. Then pinned & sewed the other half in place. Stitched the ends together, gathered, and sewed that section of ruffle down.
To neaten the seam edges, serged them together, pressed, added rick rack to top, as shown below.

The hair bow is an oval, with the same ruffle and rick rack detail. Covered the back with a piece of the silk dupioni and hand sewed the hair clip in place.




  1. So GLAD I found your blog! I love this apron! Beautiful fabric and trim! Great job!!

  2. it's lovely Jane. Like you though, my waist is not what it was! I suspect the bib would just about cover a "mature lady"'s cleavage!

  3. How wonderful is this post Jane! Love the vintage pattern....I was a very young girl when I had a waist that size. lol
    Would I love to just have a waist now.....
    Thanks for showing us this and for coming by my site and leaving me such a wonderful comment.
    I do appreciate it very much
    Love ya

  4. Oh, my gosh. I would love an apron like this. One problem -- I am seriously needle-and-thread-challenged. I can barely thread a needle.
    And those sweet little hair adornments -- how darling. You are so gifted, Jane.
    Sue @ All About Food

  5. Jane - I have this same pattern and am attempting to work on it, but mine did not come with the instructions. Would you be willing to share your instruction? I am planning to make view 4 - half apron with single pockets on each side. Thank you!

  6. Hi Kori, Instructions do help. I'll check the pattern in the next few days and get back to you with some info.