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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Made for Me, by me :D

Dish Towels

from lovely course weave linen found at a local thrift store

Just enough for 4 towels.

Sometimes the simple things bring the biggest smiles.

I hope you too take a wee bit of time to do something simple and special for yourself this weekend.


Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Green Collection - April Show - at Bad Cat Creations

The 10 Artists:
Christina Thorne
- owner of Bad Cat Creations, artist and host (pictured above)
Erja Wiltse, Jane Carlstrom, Jane Mark-Hastig, Leeann Jones Fish, Malisa VanMaasdam, Mary Jo Dahl, Melissa Burness, Nina Lubarski, Terry Honstead

For Earth Day, Christina, the owner and driving force of Bad Cat Creations challenged her artists to participate in a group show to recycle, really recycle and use components that really were trash worthy or bits and bobs that usually get tossed, or lay smoldering and hidden in storage; to turn them into something either beautiful or usable.

Taking up that gauntlet, I took a 10 year old sweat jacket with a broken zipper and worked on a 0 waste set of recycled goods. That sure got me going; turned the concept into a line by taking no longer wearable sweatshirts and converting them entirely with 0 waste into other products. Mostly garden gear or reusable totes etc for schlepping stuff, work gloves, work/sport turbans. Stuff you don't feel bad about using hard and dirty. A few of the scraps did become flowers to pretty the workhorses up; and the wee scraps chopped to use for stuffing toys.

I had expected only the original recycled jacket to be featured in "the show."
Me (Jane) by my works that made it into the show arena
the red, mauve, burgundy, raspberry gear (including gloves) similar to what I'm wearing

As you can see by the above photo, Christina used a number of my pieces in the show. I'm rather excited about how this all developed and what it turned into, so wanting to show it all off and get feedback. Is this really as cool as I think, or have I taken a wrong way hike and simply made trash into more trash?

For those who like the details, I'll be back over the next week with a post or two describing the concept, process and development of the work.

Thanks for coming by and reading,