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Monday, May 2, 2011

Looking Back, Dreaming Forward

Do you find both remembrance and anticipation stimulating? History, looking back has always been significant in my family. The first thing I do when preparing for something is to first look back. What happened, who was involved, rekindling fond memories; then wondering how it will change, how it will present the next time around.

So with early market only 20 days away, my mind and heart wander the back paths recalling the neat people, the good stuff we found, the fun we enjoyed at last years Bemidji's Natural Choice Farmers Market.

Jeana and Bert of Northern Wind Creations

Jeana just posted on BNCFM facebook page that she has been busy making soap for early market on Sat May 21. Oh, brought colors and lovely scents to mind. Indeed, have found myself inhaling deeply trying to get a whiff of the bouquet scent that quaffed on the breeze between our stalls last summer. By gosh, it is reaching the ol brain. :D

Here are a few shots from last year late summer through winter market.
Oh this has me looking forward to the new scents and sensations and to hanging out in the open air with Jeana and Bert.

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