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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Lady Slipper Celebration in Blackduck, MN

The Lady Slipper Celebration takes place in Blackduck, Minnesota today, June 25, 2011. Celebrating the shows slipper orchids that grow wild in the forests and near sloughs in the damp Minnesota northland. There are both the more common yellow moccasin and the showy pink and white lady slipper, which is also the Minnesota State Flower. There is even a scenic byway with attractions from start to finish.

This year some members of the Blackduck community got together and put together the first Lady Slipper Celebration in Blackduck. There will be lots of music, guided tours to view and learn about showy lady slippers, and art shows all through the town. Most stores are hosting artists of some form or other.

Anderson Factory Outlet has not 1, not 2, but 4 fiber artists. Ranging from a fiber fiddle (Me) to quilters to Cavandoli Macrame. Dawn Standera and I have the honor of our works being shown in the windows framing the entryway.
Cavandoli Macrame by Dawn Standera

Fabric and Fiber Works by Jane Carlstrom

photo by Anderson Factory Outlet

All sorts of fabric and fiber stuff by me. My goodness it was hard to get accurate shots through the window. So you get to see two views. one taken by me, one by Anderson Factory Outlet. Between the two you get to see most of the display. :D

No lady slippers in the window displays. Notice was very short this being the first year, still how wonderful that invites were made and artists stepped up with works to help celebrate spring in Minnesota. So even though there were no lady slippers in my works, tried to pull in the pinks, greens and whites, the feel of spring in the northland. And of course the cloud and rain wall hanging. :D

The birds are singing away this morning as I type, so hopefully today like yesterday will be a glorious sunny day and the people who participate in the Lady Slipper Celebration will have a lovely time.

Last but not least, a big thank you and shout out to Karen Forbes, manager at Anderson Factory Outlet for inviting and hosting fiber artists in her windows and in the store.

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