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Monday, August 29, 2011

Cucumbers and Onions - Just like Moms

Do you find there are certain foods that must be fixed "just like Mom's" or they won't be eaten? While Frank is generally open to new food experiences, there are a couple of dishes that just won't do unless they meet the "just like Mom's" criteria.

Cucumbers are # 1

and are also one of the few foods for which she had not left a recipe. YIKES.

Simple, plain vinegary cucs and onions - how could that be so hard?
Somehow it was and took years.

Finding "A Little Scandinavian Cookbook" by Janet Laurence (ISBN 0877017433) brought success.

Thank you Janet! The ingredient I kept missing was SUGAR --- ah, ah, ah.. I should have known.

pages 18 & 19

Still - had to leave out the parsley, the pepper AND for sure cut off the rind, plus add onion rings, lots and lots of sweet onion.

The proportions of white vinegar, water and sugar however were absolutely on target for "the man."

Cucumber season is ON, so the first photo above shows the glass bowl of vinegared cucs and onions now going; stored in the refrigerator. Started with 3 cucs, peeled, sliced, brined for 12 hours; then two large sweet onions - 1 cup water, 1 cup white distilled vinegar, aprox 1/2 c sugar. Keep adding brined cucs, fresh onion rings as each runs out. When the vinegar solution gets too weak - pour it out and refresh with a new solution.

A great summer salad alone or with other salads. I often add some sprigs of dill or basil to mine; Frank still prefers his plain so plain it stays. :D


*reprinted article from my previous blog "glorious hats"

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  1. Mmmm, it's almost my lunch break. Now I'm extra hungry.