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Saturday, November 5, 2011

My stops on November's First Friday Art Walk in Bemidji

First Fridays in Bemidji, a time of art show openings and receptions.  So many to choose from to enjoy a gawk and graze about town.  Most of the receptions offer not only visual inspiration but tasty food treats as well.  For me the challenge is to map out a visit plan, about 4 openings is the max for me.  More than that and I go on brain and social overload.  This time, I though to try more and scheduled 7 stops.  Hit my limit at 5 and came on home.  Hope to get to the other two shows on the list later this month, alas will miss the artists though will be able to see their shows.

Let me Tell You a Story
Image used with permission

The highlight for me this month was the show at Rail River Folk School, "Let Me Tell You a Story: Interconnected Art Exhibit" by Wesley May. Powerful and thought provoking, read the artist statement and about the show.  A visual look into people, beliefs, relationships.


On the lighter side was Shannon Lucas-Westrum's show as November Artist of the Month at the Cabin Coffee House.  Vera really brought out a big smile.

At the Wild Hare another fun and interesting exhibit by Alice Blessing a cool juxtaposition of cats and birds in Alice's unique and interesting style.

It was also lovely to take in a beautifully framed show of reprints of original work by Jane Freeman along with 3 small original oils.  The light, the detail the artistry in Jane's work delights one's soul.
 image used with permission

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