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Friday, November 25, 2011

Winter Market at Old Burger King Bldg

Last Saturday was the beginning of Winter Market for Bemidji's Natural Choice Farmers Market.  Not so many fresh vegetables in a winter market in northern Minnesota.  Still lots of good things from the garden and woods have been preserved as pickles, sauces, jams, syrups.  Wonderful Honey and honey related products too. 

Baking is big, Art is awesome, Craft is creative.

This week Frank has baked a few Gluten Free treats.

Almond Pound Cake 


Birch Ginger Snap Cookies

You see them here cooling on racks.  The cake will be get a light drizzle of frosting.  Both made with eggs from our hens.  The birch cookies have birch syrup.

What, what that, you say.  Birch syrup?  Ah Yep.  After the sap run is over for Maple trees, the birch sap run begins.  So every few years, Frank taps a few birch trees and boils up some birch syrup.  It is not a sweet eating syrup, it is more of a black strap molassas type syrup.  He uses it much like molassas in gingerbread and other baked goods. 

We really enjoy using the birch syrup and the zip it gives to cookies and cakes.

If you are in Bemidji tomorrow, stop into Winter Market in the Old Burger King Building (Paul Bunyan Drive and 2nd St).  We always have a few for sampling as well as more for sale.  11am to 3p. Sat Nov 26, 2011

Market will continue on Saturdays through Dec 17, 2011.  However this is the last week Frank will be doing Gluten Free Baking for this year.  He keeps a strict wheat free kitchen when doing Gluten free baking.  After this week he is putting away the Gluten Free flours and utensils and pulling out the wheat flour and wheat utensils, getting ready to bake up his favorite traditional holiday treats. Stollen, sugar cookies and more.  Gluten Free goods will return in the spring of 2012.


  1. Hi honey I wish I could visit this sale. These look yummy.
    Just wanted to come by and say hello to give you heads up on a giveaway I am having so I hope you can enter before it ends
    Love ya

  2. Those look so delicious! My GF baking is not so impressive. i wish I were close enough to get some of yours.

  3. The birch syrup sounds interesting! We tap maples but haven't tried the birches.