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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Waldorf Inspired Needle Felt Wall Hangings

 Wall Hanging Dec 2011
Wall Hanging Dec 2011

 Sometimes life takes unexpected twists and turns.  One of those turns in the road for me has been creating needle felt items in Waldorf style.

When a long time friend, Dacia Dauner, decided to open Apple Blossom Child Care Center  drawing upon concepts of Waldorf Early Childhood Education  she turned to me for needle felting support. Thus began an exploration of Waldorf style and learning about Rudolf Steiner which has lead to some new work in needle felting.

photo by Apple Blossom Child Care Center  

While at a Waldorf Workshop at Rudolf Steiner College, one of Apple Blossom’s teachers,Genevieve Radniecki-Hayle saw this wall hanging. 
photo by Genevieve Radniecki-Hayle

Inspired by the design and theme, Dacia and Genevieve asked to have two derivative works made for their classrooms.

Needle Felt Wall Hangings
And so these wall hangings came to be.  An interesting twist in my felty path.  Thanks to friends old and new, Dacia and Gen, for setting me in this direction.


  1. Happy 2012 Jane! Beautiful wall hangings! :)

  2. Those are very neat! I really enjoy Waldorf style things.

    And Yea!- I can comment on your blog now!
    I am not sure what happened but it works.