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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Back to Basics

A few of the free things acquired at the “Back to Basics” workshop put on by Happy Dancing Turtle, Saturday, January 28, 2012.

This year the theme was “From Me to We” Building Community.  Keynote speakers: Jamie Lee in the AM and Brett Olsen in the PM.  Lots of varied and interesting small sessions, of which any one person could choose 4.  A nice showing of vendors, also with varied focus.  Check out the Happy Dancing Turtle facebook page to get an idea of who was there and what was covered.

I had a really good time, interesting, informative sessions, great lunch; and carpooled to and from the event with two Bemidji friends, Tammy and Dave.

The highlight for me was meeting and listening to Kathy Connell talk about seeds.  Kathy is engaging, passionate, knowledgeable and grounded.  She knows seeds and explains them with clarity.  If you have a chance to hear her speak, grasp it.

Today, I took the goodies in the photo to share with the teachers and students of Apple Blossom Child Care Center.  

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