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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

What we do with the Cull Peppers

Cull. What are Cull Peppers.  These are the not so perfect or marred peppers that we do not offer for sale at farmers market.  This year as we learn to manage plants in our new high tunnel, we have a fair number of cull peppers.
A mix of Hot, Hungarian Frying, and two types of Green peppers.

 Tomatoes are not ready yet, so we cannot use these in fresh salsa.  In past years we did try blanching and freezing peppers for use in salsa, soup, hot dishes.  But not really pleased with the flavor.  Having had some success with roast and eat veggies over the last year.  Decided to try roasting these and then storing in frig.

Of course, went immediately to google and came up with time and methods.  Followed this recipe from ehow.  I did not use the paper bag for cooling, just left them in the pan until cool.

Here is the photo step by step:

Out of the Oven

Poke one of the bubbles/blisters and begin to peel away the skinl

Keep lifting and pulling skin, sometimes using knife tip to guide and help

Toss the peels in the compost bucket and the meat in a glass jar.

Drizzle a wee bit of olive oil over the peppers, cap the jar and put in refrigerator.

So far we have added to the peppers in the jar and have 2 pints. 

We have enjoyed the cold peppers on sandwiches.  Have a small jar of hot peppers for a friend.  And the start of a stash to use when it is time to can up some salsa.

As always enjoying the garden, the fixing, the eating.

Wishing you a fun food summer too.