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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Falling into Winter on the Farm

Hello there, surfacing with an undate.  Scenes from late Nov to Early December.

Frank has his seed orders almost ready to send into Johnny's and FedCo. He started a "Soil Bank" garden in the spot where the old barn stood. (The wonderful historic old log base barn lost in the 2012 July Storm.)The soil bank concept is to plant to renew, replenish, enrich the earth. As that dirt improves, it will be harvested and moved into beds in the vegetable garden and high tunnel to bolster the intense growing plots.
Frank tilling a mix of peat, compost, dirt dug from one of the Hi Tunnel Beds.
In the high tunnel, he double dug two of the long beds, replacing that soil with richer rested soil.

Here bed, soil removed, mixed as above and then replaced - note the dark soil at the far end.  All digging, moving, and replacement done by hand.
He also is experimenting with small winter patch with seed onions, spinach, carrots, parsnips.

Frank watering his winter garden.

Now with snow on the ground he is splitting wood (our primary heat source for the house is wood burning stoves.) Doing more work on fence lines and walking trails in the wooded pastures.  

As for me, developing crafting instructions & kits is something I've wanted to accomplish for years. Decided that the end of 2012 and beginning of 2013 is the "get it done" time. So far have completed one needle felting into fabric kit/pattern, with some field testing. Now in revision of that and have also begun kit/pattern for 3D needle felting.
This is the first draft of instructions to accompany a needle felt ornament kit  

Not everything but likely more even than you wanted to know. Just wished to let those who maybe are missing us know what is up at A Tranquil Nook.

Frank and I send you holiday greetings. We wish you health, happiness, and good living as 2012 draws to a close. A beautiful, bright beginning to the New Year.

With kind regards,
     Jane and Frank Carlstrom