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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Explaining what I make from Sheep fleece

So I joined a local business network group, it meets weekly, every member stand up and has 50 seconds to tell about what they do. 
We all begin with our names and a brief tag line with our business name.  Because I am new to the group, I also add an over view of what I make:  the lead in goes like this: 
Jane Carlstrom of A Tranquil Nook,
        creating whimsical wearables, fiber art, & soft home decor.

But, what are whimsical wearables, fiber art, and soft home decor?  Some members might know, some might not.  This week my goal was to provide some insight about felt goods with words and visuals (the actual pieces plucked out of a basket as the words were said).  It went like this: