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Friday, February 22, 2013

Keeping it Clean, a challenge for many..... OH YES!

Have you ever written a "commercial" for someone else's business?  That was a challenge in the Northern Exposure Chapter of BNI (Business Network International). 

My mission was to present a 50 second "commercial" for Tammy Schotzko, professional organizer and owner of We Love Messes.  Tammy was quite courageous and gave me a choice of two topics for her commercial.  I got to choose one, develop the ad and then present it at the regular weekly meeting.

It went like this:

HI I’m Jane Carlstrom of a Tranquil Nook giving a commercial today for Tammy Schotzko, professional organizer & owner of We Love Messes

Today Tammy is looking for impending and full blown hoarders.

If your a hoarder and you know it
Then you really need to own it.
If your a hoarder and you know it
Clap your hands.
IF you really want to change it, yes You Can
If your a hoarder and want help, just call Tam.

Spunky, cute, funny jingle, but, most hoarders don’t know it, don’t own it, a lot of times don’t want to change.  They have found a way to cope with life that they believe “works” for them. To change, even if needed for a safe environment, is emotionally and physically difficult for them.

Are you afraid someone you know is on the downward slide from “collector” to “hoarder,”  Someone you think is headed for trouble.  Let them know you are concerned, you know others who have been in a similar place and got help.  Tammy of We Love Messes specializes in being a comforting presence. She provides clientele a safe space in which to evaluate and release their clutter, allowing the client to embrace what is truly important to them.

I am Jane of A Tranquil Nook, commercialing for Tammy Schotzko of We Love Messes

So I had a little fun with it.  Yet also hope it offered some insight.  It is really difficult for some people to "let go" of items that have come into their home.  Watching the TV show "Hoarders" actually has helped in understanding this.  Sometimes it is very hard to watch the show, to see the hoarder's behavior and also their pain.  And the pain for the family and friends who either want to help the hoarder or just want the mess cleaned up. 

I don't know if I personally could be an advocate and strong support in helping people who do not see the problem of chaotic clutter and who are often resistant to changing their environment.  So much work emotionally and physically.  It is amazing and wonderful that there are professionals such as Tammy who are willing and trained to step up to this challenge.

The challenge for the rest of us is to express concern in a supportive way and perhaps be a conduit for troubled friends to find the courage to get help. 

How would you approach a friend/family member who might  benefit from a "release of clutter" before their environment becomes unsafe? 

Thanks for reading,

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