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Friday, March 1, 2013

Success Looks Like This!

 The happiness of finishing a handiwork project.

Super joyful because it is uniquely Kristen’s own, even though it began with a class and a kit.

There is just something in needle felting that permits freedom of expression whether one is a novice or a master.  

Kristen started the felt ornament in a class in December, did the rooster side and more detailing of the star side at home.  Then it sat for awhile.  She brought it to open work time in Feb. when she added the lacing and tassel.  Viola! Yes Done. 

Each finished ornament is different.   These kits help crafters  get to the funnest part of crafting fast while still allowing freedom of expression in design.  

Am thrilled the Winter Ornament Kit hit the mark.

Thanks to Kristen and others who helped test the kit by taking a Family Centered Crafting Class at Apple Blossom Child Care Center. 

How do you feel about DIY kits and guidelines?  Do you want just the pattern and cut it out yourself or do you like the basic cut out done?  What type of kits have you used with greatest success & completion rate?  

Thanks for reading.  Opinions much appreciated.  

Wishing you a happy day,

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