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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Spring Arrives, Come Walk with Me

Sun is up and shining bright,

Sky a brilliant blue

Birdsong fills the air,
Chirps and honks and cackles.
Robin walks along the path.         
Killdeer prance about,

Pussy Willows along the drive,
Soft paws dance on slender stems.

Rich fragrance rises from the earth.
In the shade, a subtle chill.
Thin ice skates on top the pond,
Where yesterday
snow melt flooded the road.

The sun feels hot,  the cows come out
To bask in the heat of the rays.

The Trumpeter Swans are flying in.
White landscape turning brown.

 And so our day begins.

Thanks for walking along with me as winter turns to spring here in Northern Minnesota.


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