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Monday, May 27, 2013

Remembering on Memorial Day

Memorial Day, a time for reflection, remember those who served, who are currently serving. A time to hope for peace and understanding.
Photo credit: Unknown / Foter.com / Public Domain Mark 1.0
Zouave Civil War Ambulance

A child of a Civil War Buff, family vacations included time at Washington DC and Civil War battlefields.  We learned about  "Uncle Martin Elder" a  Zouavie in the American Civil War.

Family stories on Frank's side tell of an ancestor who survived Andersonville.

Ed Roe, my grandpa was on a ship to Europe when WWI ended. The soldiers were mustered out only to find that the jobs they had before enlisting in the military were gone. Many, such as Ed, found themselves out of work. Encouraged to serve but not honored or welcomed on their return.
Edward Roe and me circa 1950
Ed dreamed of being a business man, before enlisting he was a bookkeeper at the Railroad Roundhouse in Weston OH.  Upon returning Ed was told there was no place for him since he left his job to go off to war. Devastated at being pushed aside, unable to find other business opportunities he became a farmer. Not his first choice. He was intent on marrying Nellie, the love of his life and having a family.  He did what he could to earn a living and have a family.

WWII - my Dad and uncles, Onyx, Russell, George and Wilber served.

In closing a shout out to cousin Alvin who served in Peacekeeping status in Korea in the 1970s. To cousin Ron for service in Viet Nam. To sister-in-law Kathy, who served more recently.  And to husband Frank who spent 3 years in Viet Nam in the late 1960s.

To those who have died - may you rest in peace.

To those alive - may you live in peace and see war no more.

Thank you all!

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