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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Working the Garden in Spring

Most of the intended garden is planted. Pea vines reaching up 3 inches, radish, turnip, and kohlrabi just peeking through the earth. In the outdoor beds only beans, a few gourds, squash left to plant.
In the high tunnel peppers, eggplant coming along nicely.  Tomatoes struggling, got too excited over a few warm days in early spring took them to the high tunnel. Whoa...Cold shocked when the night turned very cool.  It is amazing how they are coming back and hanging in.

Trying some herbs in soft fabric containers this year. Mostly from seeds. Wide leaf Parsley here.

Weeds, and quack grass flourishing..... digging, pulling, fighting weeds, not sure quack grass will ever be controlled.  :D

Gathering it up roots and all.  Taking far far away from garden.  Trying to keep water thieves away from vegetables and herbs.

And now a wet spell is upon us.  Great for those seeds and young plants.  Hope for some lovely warm sun after the rain and oh how the garden will grow.

So today I'll do laundry and Frank may bake.  

Enjoy your day!

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