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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Bringing the Outdoors In - Wild Ornamentals

Hurray. Hurrah. Legitimize your yen for collecting bits and bobs on outdoor walks.  display a mix of wild, tame, handcrafted, recycled treasures in a nature table.  Celebrate the season, live in harmony with earth rhythms. Wise, sustainable, natural.
Spring offers a grand opportunity to harvest bare and barely budded branches.  Pussy willow, red barked limbs, plus last year's dried buds, cones, and nuts.  Do no harm by taking those that will fall to the road cleaner's chopper in ditches and berms.
  • Seek and cut branches in early spring
  • Set branches and cones in a cool airy space to cure
  • Arrange in tied bunches or vases in late spring
    As warm nights arrive the top of the wood stove hosts a spring nature table.  Once wild ornamentals are placed, one sees spots for last season's cured tiny gourds.  
    The handcrafted garden gnomes fairly danced into the setting and a wooly bird came to rest.

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