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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Gluten Free Baking for Farmers Market

Begins with thorough Kitchen cleaning to eliminate even minute sources of wheat contamination.

Frank attends to even the screws on the mixer.  For people with extreme gluten intolerance even trace amounts of gluten may trigger gut inflammation and other unpleasant and unwelcome problems.  Our goal is to bake safe gluten free foods for all levels of gluten sensitive and intolerant people. 

Beyond extreme cleaning, removal of wheat and other gluten containing flours from our kitchen during the summer, we use “certified” gluten free flours, grains and have dedicated baking pans, mixing bowls, and tools used only with gluten free baked goods. 

You can read more about Frank’s baking practices on our website in the Baking area of the “How we Make it” page.

Once Frank had the kitchen ready for tomorrow’s baking spree, he was outside weeding and grooming the garden. 
Today that was cleaning the edges along a wall of the high tunnel.

There is always something to do indoors and outdoors.  If you are out and about in Bemidji on Sat. June 15, 2013 between 8:30am and 3pm you can find us at Bemidji's Natural Choice Farmers Market.  In the Union Square Parking Lot near Giovanni's.

Thanks for visiting virtually with us today in kitchen and in garden.

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