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Monday, June 24, 2013

Learning to Dye and Make Nuno felt Scarves

  How many times have you heard the advice “embrace what you fear?”   In May, I took it on threefold:
  •  left Frank home alone, 
  •  drove myself to St Paul
  •  took not 1 but 2 different classes in dying.
 Not dying as in death, dying as in putting color into fabric.  Frank was unhappy yet managed OK, I drove without accident or swear words.

Let me show you what happened in the Nuno Felt Scarf class with teacher Leslie Granbeck

First we dyed silk scarves, then we added pre-dyed wool roving.  Each student came up with a unique and special scarf.

Had a blast at the Sheep and Wool Festival.  Finished two scarves, and brought home a set of eco-friendly dyes.  This summer will be a great time of explorations in dying at A Tranquil Nook.  It may be time to apply for social security, but I am happily still learning and growing in life and in fiber art.

Thanks for sharing time with me today,

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  1. I enjoyed your post. I'd like to try nuno felting, too.

    You can avoid confusion by using the correct spelling:
    dyeing is for changing the color
    dying is for kicking the bucket