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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Rainy Days - Yes! time to Launder Reusable shopping bags

A lovely gently rainy day here in Bemidji.  Needed water is reaching the garden and pastures.  A welcome break from weeding too.  Though more weeds will spring up as the planted vegetables grow larger, weeding will be relegated to another day.  A great time to be indoors, catching up and/or getting ahead on laundry. 

Perfect Day to clean reusable bags for food shopping. 

We love seeing customers at farmers market bringing reusable bags and totes. Hurray to you for responsible stewardship of energy and resources.  You shop local to bring fresh and healthy into your home, keeping the bags germ free and safe for hauling food is important too.   

Downloadable from Cleaning Institute
As they say at the Cleaning Institute “When in doubt, wash your bags! If bags are worn and dirty, throw them out!” 

Other online sources with whys and hows of keeping it clean when you go green are available if you really want to dig into the dirt on this subject :

Each article has a little different style, most suggest keeping reusable bags catagorized.  for example One for meats only, not putting meats in a bag that has toted fresh picked veggies from a home garden.  Color code, mark with a tag, et cetera. 

Simply consider how to shop eco-friendly, healthy and wise.

What works best for you to stay green and clean?

Thanks for hanging out with me on this lovely rainy day,

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