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Thursday, July 11, 2013

CCV aka Collection of Complimentary Vegetables

Collection of Complimentary Vegetables #1 July 13, 2013
This week marks the start of something new for A Tranquil Nook.  We are putting together a $5 Collection of Complimentary Vegetables to offer direct from the garden and at farmers market.  Along with a nice grouping of vegetables will be a personally vetted recipe and often a sprig or two of herb.  Sometimes a supporting photo slide show with details such as use, cleaning, storage, preparation will be available online.

The kick off CCV is perfect for creating a raw veggie tray.  The vegetables: European Cucumber, American Slicing Cucumber, Green Pepper, Zucchini.  Herbs: Dill Weed, Parsley.  Recipe: Creamy Dill’n’Parlsey Dip.  Plus a supporting slide show.

Why are we offering a CCV?
Several reasons: 

  • Because some of “our people” have asked for something simple, something quick, help in choosing from the wide range of possibilities.  Yes, similar to many other farmers market vendors, we think of people who routinely buy direct from our farm or come to our market stall as “our people,”  we feel a connection and responsibility plus affection and respect.  So we listen and respond.
  • More young people, wishing to eat healthier have been showing up at market.  Some very knowledgeable, some not familiar with using produce fresh from a garden.  We hope the collection of complimentary vegetables will be a good value and way to explore new fresh produce.  With the recipe card and sometimes slide show tips to support entry into farm to fork culture.
  • Setting the collection price at $5 makes a good fit with WIC vouchers.  Because the herbs are  a “value added” component with the cost of the CCV coming from the vegetables alone, the CCV allows a way to legally use the voucher, get some great veggies plus a sample of herbs.  The CCV is also a great value for anyone wanting a selection of fresh vegetables and a sampling of herbs.  
  • We have enjoyed our farm garden since 1972.  Farm to Fork was new for us then.  "Retired from outside work," we now focus more on the garden.  We hope to share the joy of farm to fork, or as I more basely put it from garden to gullet, with others.  A cost effective ready to go selection, seems a neat way to accomplish this.
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  1. Such an excellent idea! I'm terrified of new foods when I don't know what they are or what to do with them. Well, not exactly terrified, but you know what I mean. I hadn't realised that the States had a different type of cucumber to us either, you're an education Jane! I had to google WIC vouchers but that's another excellent idea, I wonder if it happens in the UK?