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Friday, July 19, 2013

No Time to Do it All Yourself? Find a local Farmer, Gardener, Baker, Maker

Working a full time job, managing family, keeping a home, enjoying a little social life takes lots of time and attention. Like the idea of sustainable, natural, fresh from the garden produce, home made, home canned, yet, overwhelmed with the time required, the energy needed, even if you have the know how to garden, make and bake.  Finding a local source for all or one of the "would likes" may be a way to have it all, and stay sane.
It does take upfront investigation to find  a local source  that matches your desires and fits your specific belief of what is sustainable, fresh, home made.  Just because a local gardener, baker, maker creates at home, does not mean it fits your needs/wants/expectations.  Decide what you want; find sources, research, meet, ask, try. 
Look for compatibility of definitions.  What does organic, natural, sustainable mean to you.  How does the provider define those.  If you are looking for jelly, pickles, breads, cookies just like your mom made, look at ingredients and compare if you know what mom used. Then buy it and try it.  Most of us are looking more for the taste than the ingredients.  Still, vetting the ingredients and methods may help you reach your goal faster.

Thanks to technology lots of people offer information online.  For those of us in Minnesota. MNGrown is a great place to start.  Find a farm or farmers market in your area, read up, select options, then make a live visit.
View online or Request a printed copy at MN Grown
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