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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Want to Make It Yourself learn Sewing Basics

Learning to sew is so much more than pressing your foot on a pedal and steering fabric under a machine.

Especially if you one day wish to take off and sew anything you can dream up.  Do you want to learn the techniques or just make a few projects.  Can we do both?  The joy of making stuff, of holding up a finished project you wanted. The development of skills that transcend many types and styles of fabric projects.

In setting up a learn to sew program, the skills to develop might be:

Make friends with your sewing machine.  Learn how to take care of the machine so it runs smoothly.

Learn to drive the machine.

Choose and prepare fabric.

Make sense of patterns.

Discover a range of helpful sewing tools including shears, scissors, rulers, turners and the very important iron. 

My approach to achieving that balance is for the novice seamstress to choose a making theme and sally forth into projects that develop useful skills along the way.

Working to create things highly desirable is motivating.  It does take time and effort from both teacher and student to develop an individualized plan.  To facilitate the process, I've developed several themed options for helping people (children and/or adults) with Sewing Basics.

Theme 1 -  Spa Accessories.

Theme 2 -  Kitchen and Table Decor.

Theme 3 -  Creative Play Doll Stuff.

Interested in how each of these develops?  Stay tuned.  Each theme will be highlighted in a separate blog post before years end.

Sharing traditional making skills is a joy.

       Wishing you a peaceful and happy day,