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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Spa comfort at HOME

Every year, just for us (Frank and I) to use at home, out comes cotton fabric and rice a few tears, stitches, pours and viola

Rice Bags

My specialty Rice Bags ----- made with channels that mold and fit over hands, shoulders, that curve and bend to encase the aching joint with warm soothing heat. Or surround a muscle injury with cold. Dual use. Some are kept in the freezer for cold therapy. Others in a pottery bowl by the microwave in easy reach for warming and soothing.

Normally, the rice bags are made from bits and bobs of left over cotton fabric, so sizes vary depending on the available fabrics. Now that we are offering our handmade goods for sale at Bad Cat Creations and at Bemijdi's Natural Choice Farmers Market, am wondering if others might be interested in fine sewn spa at home comfort bags.

It really has taken me years to perfect the channels, amount of rice, a way to get the rice in the channels, and the flat edge to grab and hold the bag.

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